4th Floor

The 4th Floor will have a limited number of tables available for authors or writing related organizations, a space for presentations, and a children’s activity area.


10:15 am- Book discussion with Sherry Poff. Book: Moon Over Taylor’s Ridge by Janie Dempsey Watts. Purchase at Starline Books and start reading today!


11- open

12 noon- Chattanooga Hugs with Susan Spurgeon

12:45- Self Publishing with Leah Price and MJ Kobernus

2- Book Discussion, same as above


Vendor Tables

4th Floor vendor tables are available to authors, literary related organizations and businesses; 3′ x 6′ tables with two authors at each. Send your contact information, author and book information or organization name and website to readnwritefair@gmail.com with “4th floor” in subject box. You will be notified with a confirmation when approved.

List of tables:

1- Friends of the Library

2- Friends of the Library

3A- Audrey Gayle; children’s literature

3B- Cash Daniel; children’s literature

4A- Shawn Hayes; poetry

4B- Alissa McGowan; editorial service

5A- Susan Spurgeon; memoir

5B- Charlaine Price; memoir

6A-Erica Tuggle; fiction

6B-Jan Dearman; historical fiction

7A- Kent Anderson; fiction short stories

7B- Shasta Mignon; fiction

8A- Wayne and Laura Brown; memoir, self-help

8B-Linda Murray Bullard; business, biography

9A- Jodi Lowery; true crime

9B- Kelle Z. Riley; fiction

10- A Novel Idea, Yay Words; student authors

11A- Alex Scott; fiction / short stories

11B- Jonathan Wurth; comic books

12A- Shane Berryhill; middle grade fiction

12B- Chris Morris; upcoming book

13A- Meredith; River City Poet

13B- April Royer; young adult fiction

14A- Jody Harris; spoken word poet

14B- Connie Gatlin; nonfiction

15A- Charles Fisher; fiction and nonfiction