Youth Writing Activities

Children’s activities will be held on the second floor of the library.

All young writers, from Kindergarten and up are encouraged to attend! Please do not leave young children unattended. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Activities will start at 11 and run until 3, or whenever supplies run out.

These are some great creative writing activities that we will be offering:

1. “Whatever Happened To…?”
     Writers will revisit familiar, but perhaps forgotten, characters from nursery rhymes and books and imagine what happened to them after the story ended.
2. “Postcards”
     Writers will compose a short letter to a friend, family member, or even a famous character – real or fiction!
3. “Sticker Prompts”
     Writers will be provided stickers with the names of people, places, things, and events to use as prompts while writing their own short story.
4. “Picture Prompts”
     Writers will use pictures to help spark their creativity when writing their story.
5. “List Poems”
     A great way for any poet to form a poem is to first write a list of words that describe a topic. Writers will then take the list and expand it into a poem by adding adjectives, reflective thoughts, verbs – whatever they can come up with!
6. “Rhyming Synonym Couplets”
     Poems for writers who welcome a challenge! Choose a word, then write a rhyming couplet (2 lines of verse), using as many synonyms (words that mean the same thing as the chosen word) as possible!
7. “Persona Poems”
     Persona Poems give writers a way to express emotions using descriptive language. These poems are either written to or about someone or something.
8. “Make Your Own Book”
     Writers will create, decorate, illustrate, and write their own mini-book!